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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding some of our popular categories include Knitting and Crochet, Beads, Paper Crafts, Fabric Paints, and Swarovski Element.

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How do I buy things (Shop) on craftieshobbycraft?

(1) Select the desired product from over
thousands of product assortments.
(Select your size & color preference)

(2) Sign in or create a new account
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(3) Enter your shipping address.
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What if i buy a wrong product, is there a return policy?

ANSWER : As much as possible we want everyone to ascertain the size of the actual product required.
We currently are unable to manage returns except for defective product. which we will never knowingly sell.
If there’s any problem please contact us via email :

What if i buy yarn and it’s not enough, can you guarantee the same color of yarn?

ANSWER : Yarn is dyed in color batches and it is more likely that there would be a slight variation in shade due to a different dye lot.
Please calculate the amount of yarn required from the beginningand buy at the same time.

Can you do payment on delivery?

ANSWER : Sorry we are currently unable to handle payment on delivery. All goods need to be fully prepaid, we however give you our guarantee that everything possible will be done to get your goods to you. If there is any problem please email us: or send us a whatsapp message on : 08171367105 .

What happens if the quantity received is not the same quantity as shown in the picture on the website?

ANSWER : Please note that every product quantity is given in the description and the picture alone does not indicate the number of the items in the package. Please check the description of the item to know the quantity.

Are the pictures on the website actual size?

ANSWER : Pictures on the website are not life size and it is more important that the actual measurement should be ascertained before placing an order. Please if in doubt contact us by or send us a whatsapp message on : 08171367105. before placing an order.

Is it possible to place an order and pay at a later date?

ANSWER : Orders can only be processed when payment is received.

What happens if at the point of delivery and item already paid for is no longer available, that is ‘out of stock’ ?

ANSWER : We would get in touch by email to request account details to transfer to. We would refund the money.

Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer multiple payment methods. Please choose whichever is convenient for you .

Direct Bank Tranfer

Interswitch Webpay

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